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MRI Difference

MRI is different. We provide a superior level of service that our competition cannot match. This service is available only through us because:

As result, we provide unique value-added services that build long-term exclusive business relationships.

Our Candidate Selection Process is superior because we interview and qualify beyond the resume.

  • Management Recruiters of Boise has been recognized as a 2017 top 50 offices within the Global MRI Network of franchises.
  • We possess the world’s largest and most comprehensive recruiting database.
  • We contact industry leaders to identify the top 50-100 specialists.
  • We interview an average of 40 people to select the one to refer to our clients.
  • We never refer candidates without first describing the candidate to our client and describing the job to our candidate.
  • We give you information on family needs before you talk to a candidate. This includes spouse occupation and income, family make-up, and expectations.

Interviewing Time and Expense is reduced because:

  • We screen out rather than screen in and present only the most qualified candidates.
  • We bear the expense of marketing, researching, identifying, and qualifying candidates until you decide to hire.
  • Through our special services, information and support are available during the entire process, keeping candidates and clients more informed.


At Management Recruiters of Boise, we are guided by one overriding principle – effectively responding to our clients’ changing staffing needs. Today that means navigating the candidate-tight market to find the people who will help your company thrive and grow.

As part of MRINetwork®, the world’s largest search and recruitment organization, we bring you not only the expertise and experience of our own team, but also the total staffing resources of an international network. Our search consultants are backed up by research capabilities, technological support, and experts in important areas such as relocation and assessment.

Because we specialize in the Food Processing, Consumer Manufacturing, Wine & Beverage, and Dairy industries, we can assure you of access to the best available candidates in your market niche. We recognize that no two clients are alike, and we tailor our plan to meet your specific goals and requirements.

When you choose to entrust the search for your new employee to Management Recruiters of Boise, you are forming a partnership that will help you solve your staffing challenges and meet demands for growth.

Our Proven Process, Produces Results

Filling a key position requires focused research, an organized approach and a systematic search process. We invest the time to understand your company, your values, and your business goals. We work with you to clarify your objectives and your job specifications. We know that candidates who thrive in one company may not necessarily thrive in another so we make sure that we have a feel for the character and culture of your organization.


Define the scope of the project and creating a profile of the position to be filled.

Using client competitor information, our industry sources and confidential referrals, we conduct thorough research to uncover potential candidates.


Make contact with candidates on a direct, personal basis.

We become your spokesperson, presenting your objectives and your opportunity.

Examine the qualifications of each candidate against the comprehensive profiles developed during the planning stage.


Only the most qualified candidates are presented for your consideration.

Assist you in scheduling and monitoring the interview process.


While you alone make the decision on the best candidate for your organization, we assist you during this critical stage by facilitating communications on compensation, relocation, and benefits.

Assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning the present position, including dealing with counteroffers.


Our goal is to provide you with people who contribute to your company’s goals and make a real difference to your organization.

We do not consider a search successful unless this goal has been accomplished.

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