Trends In The Food Industry

//Trends In The Food Industry

Trends In The Food Industry

The food industry is facing an acute shortage of talent. Apparently not many Americans are keen on taking up food industry careers. Interestingly, the food and beverages industry remains immune to market fluctuations- it continues to grow steadily and surely. Some of the other trends in the industry include:

Increasing distrust of the food industry:

Consumers are increasingly becoming suspicious of the food industry. This is despite the positive customer engagement often witnessed on Facebook and Twitter. The new age consumer has access to exponentially increasing information that’s shared via social media. As a result, manufacturers are finding it very difficult to manage information about their product.

Increased awareness of the health and wellness industry:

Earlier, consumer focus was limited to knowledge about basic elements like sugar, carbohydrates, etc. But today, consumers look for more than these key factors. They’re now doing a qualitative analysis of the product with respect to its nutritional content. A typical consumers looks for 15.3 pieces of information related to health before buying a product.

Processing jobs are also very popular, going by the number of companies posting jobs in the food industry. This is especially true for snack manufacturing companies. The trend is to seek snacks that pass the quality test for health and wellness industries.

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