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Careers With MRI Boise

For more information regarding a potential career with our organization as a Recruiter, please read the following page in its entirety.

Management Recruiters of Boise is consistently seeking talented, strongly motivated individuals who would like to stop working to build someone else’s dream and start building their own. Entrepreneurial individuals who are interested in building their own future based on their own efforts and reputation. People who want to be solely in control of their own income and earning potential and who understand that a commission driven opportunity puts them in full control of their financial future.

How about an example? Nationwide, the top 50% of our successful recruiters – with more than 12 months experience – earned an average income of over $145,000. Even the top 50% of our first year Recruiters (“Rookies”) earned an average of $70,000.

Timing for Success: It takes at least several months to build your skills and relationships to where it can start being profitable. Not everyone who enters this career is successful. Success is entirely in your own motivation and efforts. Your success is tied directly to the amount of time you spend talking to client companies and potential candidates on the phone. If you fear making “cold” telephone calls or spending at least 3 hours on average each day doing it, stop reading now!

We seek to hire professionals who can learn fast and contribute to both their own personal growth and our office’s growth. Using the telephone, email and your communication skills, you will be accountable for networking and establishing long-term relationships with client companies and candidates. The Recruiter works for his client companies to search and fill critical positions and to convert that client into a long-term key account through your integrity, performance and communications relationship.

This is a sales opportunity, mostly straight commission and no travel. The requirements for your success are excellent communication skills – written and oral, that inner drive to excel financially, the ability to learn quickly and an extroverted, people oriented, relationship driven personality.

If you are serious about considering a professional recruiting career and would like to learn more about it, we would be happy to talk to you. Stop working to build someone else’s dream and start building your own!

Please contact Craig Alexander at (208) 336-6770 or email your resume to resumes@mriboise.com.